15.01.2017 | Continuously Successful Efforts in Ghana


Just like in the past years, objective consumer research & consulting has also in 2016 supported the SOS Children’s Village in Tema/Ghana.

BWe are especially proud of Jennifer who in this year graduated from University as a lawyer! The young lady was still a baby when she arrived at our SOS children’s village, SOS mother Francisca tells us: “Jennifer has already in her early years stood her grounds to gain better grades and fulfill her dreams of a good profession.” Currently, three more girls are pursuing law courses at school and are studying fervently to graduate victoriously.”


Aside from studying, there is also time for other activities like sports, music and art. Every child is given a chance to discover individual talents. Like Bright and his sisters who have won several prizes at school

competitions. School coordinator Isaac says: “I always feel happy seeing them rejoice over a successful display at a school event or official ceremony. They carry each other on their shoulders and chant songs of victory on their way to their family houses.”



For many years, objective consumer research & consulting GmbH has been supporting an SOS Children's Village. The foundation of the village in the seaport Tema, Ghana, reaches back to 1971. After receiving a piece of land, the SOS Children's Villages started to build essential structural facilities which were completed in 1974. In the following years, different schools, a kindergarten as well as a hospital were established. Today the SOS Children's Village in Tema comprises 15 SOS families with more than 700 pupils. Currently courses for more than 200 trainees are given and up to 230 upcoming SOS-mothers and employees are trained in a special training center.