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Our interdisciplinary team stands for the result-driven and flexible fulfilment of the client's wishes. With professionalism and competence, we develop creative and individual solutions for you!


Our corporate philosophy:


Quality is not left to chance but is the result of dedication and competence


  • No standard solutions but customized research designs
  • Problem-oriented recommendations for action

High quality standards (recruitment/organization/project management) go without saying for us

  • Adherence to ethical principles in accordance with Esomar guidelines
  • A commitment to high quality standards in the design, conducting and analysis of studies

We see the customer as a whole and not just in terms of his answers


  • Inclusion of the social context
  • Consideration of rational and emotional consumer reactions
  • Consideration of group-dynamic and interactive effects


The objective Consumer Research & Consulting GmbH was founded in 1999 by the psychologists Elisabeth Niepagenkemper and Marion Widemann. Ms. Widemann and Ms. Niepagenkemper are still available as external consultants.